Durabilis Consulting

Durabilis Consulting is our expertise center that concentrates 10 years of experience in setting up and managing value chains in developing countries and building relationships with supply chain partners. Having learned from our own successes and failures, Durabilis Consulting is an instrument for the transparent allocation of management support to Durabilis’ subsidiaries in all aspects. Our know-how is especially focused on the agribusiness sector, from harvest through to production, processing, selling and exporting fresh and processed products, always promoting a fair distribution of profit and risks and sustainable resource use.

Our Services

Our services align with the typical life-cycle of a business. Durabilis Consulting service packages can be categorized in 4 main service categories:

Social Responsibility / Sustainability Management

Social Responsibility assessments, implementations, monitoring and evaluation processes

  • Social Responsibility strategy and implementation
  • Social Responsibility management dashboard
  • Certificate implementation
  • Health and Safety guidance
Agrichain Technical Assistance

Assistance in the complete value chain from technical assistance to processing and export

  • Smallholder management, training and certification
  • Sustainable growing and farm management
  • Plant engineering and design
  • Food processing technologies
  • Renewable energy solutions
Greenfield Value Chain Development

Analysing business opportunities from business plan to launch

  • Business Model Development
  • Financial, operational and sustainability due diligence
  • Feasibility tests
  • Business Plan or Impact Invest Plan
  • Fundraising
(Interim) Management Consultancy

Improving and managing core, support and reporting processes in new and existing businesses

  • Finance and accounting
  • Performance measurement and reporting
  • Research and Development
  • Trade, sales and marketing assistance
  • Production and operations management
  • Purchasing, supply chain management and distribution
Working for us

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