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Stevia One is the world’s leading producer of natural, non-caloric stevia sweeteners for the global food and beverage industry

Stevia One and Durabilis Consulting

Stevia One's main shareholder is Saverco. The organization is closely linked to us through its management contract with Durabilis Consulting. Durabilis Consulting provides assistance in finance, technology, commercial and sustainability management

Stevia helps the community, the environment and the consumer

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that in 2030, obesity will be the primary cause of human illness and mortality. Stevia, a natural non-caloric sweetener, is expected to play a major role in the control of obesity related problems such as diabetes and heart diseases. A large-scale stevia farm is an important source of employment, which is considered one of the largest drivers for development in rural Peru.In addition, one hectare of stevia is equivalent to 60 to 90 hectares of sugar in terms of sweetness. As a result, the use of stevia promotes the smart use of land and water.

Zero poor employees

With the development of a state-of-the-art plantation and processing factory, Stevia One aims to link the opportunity of stevia in the market to the development of rural areas in Peru by fostering entrepreneurship and creating employment. Stevia One puts pride in the education level of its employees and ambitions to have zero poor employees.

Integrated strategy

Being the world’s largest stevia producer, Stevia One offers delicious natural non-caloric stevia sweeteners for the global food and beverage industry. Stevia One integrates agricultural production, industrial processing and marketing. Products are highly customized to the customer’s needs. Scale, innovative technology and continuous research result in cost-effectiveness and the highest quality and purity in the market.

Main markets
  • American and European food and beverage companies 
  • Distribution of own brand in Latin-America
Global impact objectives
  • Increase income of workers
  • Produce healthy products
Local impact objectives
  • Create opportunities for the local economy

Stevia value chain

Sales & marketing
Soon Stevia One Peru
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US & Europe
  • Durabilis Business
  • External
  • Market

Stevia One Peru

Founded in 2009, Stevia One Peru operates its three stevia farms in the subtropical region of San Martin, with ideal growing conditions in terms of precipitation, sunlight, temperature, and soil.  Thanks to innovative agriculture and patented genetically superior varieties, yields and sweetener output are higher than anywhere in the world. 


After a preparation phase in which land was bought, infrastructure built and the biolab and nursery established, 2011 was the first year in which Stevia One Peru entered into production. 

During 2012, Stevia One Peru improved significantly its production protocols through intensive research and development. The 10 tonnes/ha leaf yields obtained in 2012 were unseen in the industry and are extremely promising for the years to come. The Naranjos farm, by far the largest of the three, was brought into production. Plans for the processing factory were started. The foundations for a comprehensive sustainability management system were laid, paving the way for BSCI and Rainforest Alliance certification. Since 2012, Stevia One Europe reinforces the company’s presence in the European and American market.


The entire team is working hard on the implementation of the social and environmental requirements of the BSCI and Rainforest Alliance standards, to be audited in June 2013. By 2015, Stevia One Peru aims to have expanded its farms to up to 500 ha.  The start of the construction of a concentration plant is planned for mid 2013. End of 2014 the concentration plant will be complemented with a refinery plant, to be fully operational as well in 2015.

Stevia One Europe

Stevia One Europe is Stevia One’s commercial and technical platform. Its head office is located in Belgium and facilitates direct contact with the largest players around the globe. Together with its partners it acts as R&D center for industrial end application solutions. 


Stevia One Europe was founded in 2012. The year marked Stevia One’s first sales of Reb-A in Europe.


In the near future Stevia One Europe plans to open an office in the US in order to better serve the American market.