Strongly committed to the principles of accountability and transparency, we believe that this combination of Global Activity Report and website provides the ideal platform for a dynamic and focused communication with our stakeholders.

In response to the readers of our former Global Activity Reports, we have done our utmost to be concise and obtain a good balance between all aspects of the organization: strategy, objectives, actions, fi nancial and sustainability performance.

As mentioned in the 2010-2011 Global Activity Report, we decided to temporarily focus on narrative reporting and take a step back in quantitative reporting because of three reasons:

  • Difficulties to separate material from non-material information
  • The rapidly growing number of businesses combined with limited resources
  • Different stages of data management among the businesses

Impact and sustainability commitments are expressed through commitment tracker tables at business unit level. It is there that Durabilis’ mission becomes reality.

We hope you enjoy the reading of this report.